Our Mission

We have developed a new material from recycled clothing

We hate waste. Especially from fast fashion. Did you know that 87% of all clothing waste ends up in landfill or is burned? This produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as flying 600 million return flights from Berlin to Australia! Oh and guess what, it can survive up to 200 years in landfill! It is our mission to stop this. At Kleiderly, we recycle waste jeans and t-shirts, and turn them into a new, circular and sustainable material.



We want to help reduce CO2 emissions from fast fashion by recycling clothing into a new material, and keeping clothing out of landfill sites. Find out more about our journey to help make fashion more sustainable.



Take Action

Are you interested in helping or partnering with Kleiderly? Do you have any clothes you no longer want? Are you interested in producing products using our material? If you have any ideas please do get in touch, and help us take action!



Our Goals

We constantly striving to give 100% commitment towards our goals

01. Lower the impact of clothing waste disposal.

02. Turn waste into new materials and create a circular economy.

03. Reduce the usage of oil based plastics.

04.Increase awareness of the impact of fast fashion.


87% of all material used for clothing ends up in landfill or incineration

Reported by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation | 2019


 Our Supporters

We are so grateful to each and every one of our supporters for helping us along this journey. You have been truly incredible.


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