Our Work


Our why…?

To save our planet.

It’s in our hands.


Fast fashion FACTS

  • 53 million tonnes of material is produced annually

  • 87% of material used for clothing production goes to landfill or incineration

  • Synthetic fibre based clothing spends at least 200 years in landfill


What is it?

  • Fast turnaround of new styles

  • Increased number of collections offered per season

  • Extremely low prices

= one of the most environmentally damaging industries


Our Solution…


We take this clothing waste


and turn it into a new material


That can be reused in the fashion industry


Creating a circular economy


THIS IS just the beginning

We have made it our mission to reuse clothes and give them a new and meaningful life…

…and this is only just the start. Our ideas are absolutely endless.

Are you interested in joining the revolution or collaborating with us?